Orthopedic Treatment in India

Orthopedic Treatment in India

Orthopedics is a Branch of Medicine that Focuses on the Care of The Skeletal System and its Interconnecting Parts. These parts include The Bones, Muscles, Joints, Tendons, Ligaments.

An Orthopedist often works as part of a Larger Orthopedic Treatment Team. This Team may include: Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers.

What do Orthopedists Treat?

Orthopedists Treat a wide Variety of Musculoskeletal Conditions. These Conditions may be Present from Birth, or They may Occur as a Result of Injury or Age-Related Wear and Tear.

Below are Some of the most Common Conditions that an Orthopedist may Treat:

01. Joint Pain from Arthritis
02. Bone Fractures
03. Soft Tissue (Muscle, Tendon, and Ligament) Injuries
04. Back Pain
05. Neck Pain
06. Shoulder Pain and Problems, such as Bursitis
07. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
08. Overuse and Sports Injuries, including Tendinitis, Meniscus Tears, and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
09. Congenital Conditions, such as Clubfoot and Scoliosis

What to Expect During an Appointment?

During the First Appointment, The Orthopedist will work to Diagnose the Person’s Condition. This normally includes Conducting a Physical Examination and taking X-Rays.

Sometimes, the Orthopedist will use an In-Office Procedure, such as an Injection, to help make the Diagnosis or Treat the Condition.
In some instances, Additional Testing will be necessary to Confirm the Diagnosis.


In order to Help Diagnose a Person’s Condition, Our Orthopedist will:

01. Ask about the Person’s Symptoms
02. Review the Person’s Medical Record to Gather more Information about their Medical History and Overall Health
03. Carry Out a Physical Examination
04. Review any X-Rays Conducted before the Appointment

The Orthopedist may also order additional Diagnostic Tests. These may include:

01. An MRI Scan
02. A CT Scan
03. A Bone Scan
04. An Ultrasound
05. Nerve Conduction Studies
06. Blood Tests

Orthopedic Treatments and Surgeries Treated in India




Herniated Disk Surgery

Shoulder Replacement 

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

ACL Reconstruction

Spinal Fusion

Joint Fusion Surgery

UCL Reconstruction

Tom PCL Surgery



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