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Why You Should Choose India as

Your Medical Tourism Destination?

Low Cost of Medical Treatment

Cost of Medical Treatment in India is approx 50% percent less than that of any Developed Western Countries. Without compramising  on the Quality of Treatment and Heathcare a Patient from any Western Country saves around 60 to 70% percent of their Money by getting Medical Treatment done in India.

Quality of Healthcare and Doctors

India has over 500+ internationally Accredited Hospitals holding JCI and NABH Accreditations. Every Medical Treatment is initiated and completed with Top-Notch World Class Technologies at par with the Western world.

Indian doctors are Highly Qualified and Experienced, well known for their Excellence around the globe. The fact is that 10% of the Doctors Practicing in USA and UK are Indian.

There is hardly a Medical Condition Today that cannot be Treated in India. When the Doctors are World Class, the Facilities are best in Class, ensuring Topmost Care of the Patients and come to You at a Fraction of the Cost in West Countries.

Ease of Travel and Medical Visa

In India MEDICAL VISA norms have been simplified to ensure Hassle-Free VISA for Medical Patient and Attendant. VISA are provided in short period of times but most Priority is given to the Patients with most Life Threatning Conditions so that they come to India on EMERGENCY basis to get the Medical Treatment in Timely Manner, Saving them from Complications and in Affordable Cost.

The Medical VISA offer Multiple Entries and Long Term Stays for Medical Care. Indian Government has also launched E-Medical VISA to further Ease the process.



No Waiting Time

The Availability of Super Speciality Healthcare Hospitals and more than 2500+ Skilled Doctors ensures that the Patient from any Country could get Quality Medical Treatment in India as soon as possible to Challenge any type of Complications that could occur due to delay.

In other Western Countries the issues arises are:

  1. Treatment is Not Available
  2. Cost of Treatment is Very High
  3. More Waiting Time

India Covers all the Three Issues without compramising with its Terms of Service, Infrastructure, Doctors, Technology and Equipments.

Ease of Communication

India is Claimed to be the Second largest English Speaking Country and also has a Good Number of Interpreters in the Country, which Ease the Complete Process for Medical Travellers and Attendants traveling.

Alternative Treatment

India is well known for offering Alternative Medicines and has Certified and Accreditated Wellness and Ayurveda Centres. Even in the Medicines we have Generic Medicines that are available at very Economical cost.

Ayurveda is a 5000 Year Old System of Natural Healing originated in the Vedic Culture of India. Ayurveda is major source of Natural Medicines and is now one of the most preffered Wellness Therapy with Medical Patients travelling to India.

Patients also opt for Naturopathy and Yoga in Post Treatment Recovery process resulting to relaxing and fast healing in the patients.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of Living In India is around 65% percent Lower than that of United States and other Western countries. The Patient always travel with Attendant and might require to Stay for a longer period of time both before and after the Medical Treatment.

Availability of Different Food Types

India is Home to Foodies and Offers Varieties of Food from accross the Globe, thus getting the food as per choice is just click of a button. Patient and Attendants can order food as per their Preferences from Food Delievery Mobile Apps. 

Our Simple Work Process Enables Treatment From

Best Doctors in India

1. We Receive Your Query

You Fill the Get a Free Treatment Plan form on our Website describing about your Ailment, Treatment or Surgery required and send to us.


2. Profound Analysis with Cost Estimates

Once we Receive your Query, One of our In-house Medical Manager perform Profound Analysis on your Current Medical Condition and Guide you for the most Beneficial Treatment you should Opt for, with Estimated Cost of Travel, Accommodation, Concierge and Affordable Medical Treatment Packages from our Internationally Accredited Hospitals.


3. Getting Your Medical Records

 On your approval on the Cost Estimates, our Medical Manager will further Assist you to fill the Detailed Medical Questionnaire. Which will include sharing of your Medical Records like SCAN, X-RAY, MRI and all Specific Reports related to your Ailment and Current Health condition. 

We Ensure your Documents are Safe and Confidential.


4. Easy Pre-Treatment Process

Our Medical Manager Analyse and prepares a Cusotmized document setup in Medical Terms and Chronology for you.

After we consult with the Best Doctors and our Super Speciality Hospitals on Your Behalf and provide you with atleast 3 favorable options for your Medical Treatment in India.

5. Know Your Doctor and Healthcare Provider

On your Satisfaction and Go-ahead with Doctor and Healthcare Provider , we arrange Doctor – Patient Conference ensuring that all Patient Queries about the Proposed Treatment are Addressed Properly and also it gives the Doctor an opportunity to assess the patient condition.

Knowing there can be Language Barriers, we assign you with our Certified Medical Interpreter, to make the consultation easy for you.

6. Medical Travel Arrangements and Treatment

We provide easy and affordable Medical Travel Arrangements for you and assign you with a Dedicated Personal Manager, who not only arrange Medical VISA, Flight Tickets, Travel Insurance, Accommodation for your Stay, but becomes our On Ground Manager, Who assist you 24/7 throughout your Medical Treatment in India and make it a Supportive Process for you.

On your arrival our On-Ground Manager take Care of your all Requirements and queires either providing Foreign Exchange, International Calling Cards, Cell Phones, Arranging Pre-Treatment Appointments with Doctors, Admission to Hospital, Complete hospital stay, Post Surgery Accommodation and Vacation.

7. Post Treatment Recuperation

After the Surgery, if the Patient’s Condition is Stable then he will be Discharged from the hospital for Recuperation or Recovery period. Our On-Ground Manager will further assist you in arranging Weekly or Up-time Appointments with Doctors and also help you in getting Prescribed Medicines.

Once you are Healthy we arrange Airport Drop Facility for you and once you reach home we assist you with Doctors for Telemedicine.

Our Bunch of Medical Services under One Roof

makes Us Stand-Out to be

The Best Medical Tourism Company in India

01. Personalised Pre-Treatment

Our In-house Medical Team gathers all medical Records related to your Treatment requirement and perform in-depth analysis ensuring safety of your documents.

Our Medical Managers consult with Highly skilled Doctors in our Internationally Accredited Partner healthcare centres, who ensure High Quality and Affordable Medical Treatment in India and Details the best Treatment Plan for you with Economical Cost estimates.

We are Transparent in our Work Policies from the very first step and assure Doctor on call Meetings for Planning your Treatment even before you arrive in India.


02. Easy Travel, Stay and Concierge Planning

Our Travel Managers assist Patients in getting MEDICAL VISA for India and coordinating with Indian Embassy, resulting Easy Medical Travel to India.

We Provide Competitive and Cheap Air Fares and do Quality Look into Hotels and Guest Houses which are near to the Selected Hospital for your Stay before and after Treatment.

Our Managers Help you with Concierge services Including — Airport Pickup, Daily Transfers, Scheduling appointments with your Doctor, Food, Inter-City Sightseeing Tours and also Assist you with our Value Added india Tours and Incredible Plans Post Treatment and Wellness.

03. On-Ground Personal Manager

Our On-Ground Personal Manager will Greet you at the Airport on Arrival. We assign you with your Personal Manager during your Medical Travel Planning to India.

Our Personal Manager assures to be by your side throughout your Medical Treatment in India and full-fill all your requirements.

Our Personal Manager take one step beyond your expectation and help you in preparing Medical Documents as per in the Medical Terms so as to get proper feedback on Treatment procedures before the patient is taken for treatment, this results into a positive mental preparation for the Patient as well as Family Attendants.

Our Personal Managers are Street Smart and assists you in Negotiating with the Hospitals in Bills and Cool Payment Process.

We Take a Pledge – We are With You Before, At Time and After Treatment to help you and Serve You as Our Own Family.

Some of the Major Roles Performed by Our Personal Managers Before and After your Medical Treatment in India, which makes you Trust in us and also Forward Us to be the Best Medical Tourism Company in India are as below:

Airport Pickup and Drop Facilities On Arrival and Departure after Treatment and Wellness respectively

  • Doctor Appointments Before and After Medical Treatment in India
  • Ambulance Services
  • Wheelchair for Patient
  • Personal Car with a Trustworthy Driver Always Available at Your Service
  • Ensuring Quality Accommodation for Patient and Attendants
  • Easy Hospital Admission Process
  • 24/7 Foreign Exchange Services
  • Indian SIM Cards and Mobile Phones
  • Daily Transfers Facilities for Patient and Attendants
  • Help in arranging Medicines,Injections and Medical Operatives needed by the Doctors during the Treatment
  • Post Treatment Wellness Options like Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Naturotherapy or Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Planning Personal Day Tours and Incredible India Tours
  • On Call Doctor Appointments and Telemedicine Facilities, Once You are back in Your Home Country



04. Quality Post Treatment Follow-ups and Wellness

Post Treatment to See You Healthy is Our Biggest Achievement. Our Personal Manager is Always Up for Your Assistance.

We Assist you Getting Fit with Positivity by Providing you with Regular Doctor Visits for Check-up on Your Health at your Hotel or Guest House.

We Arrange Post Treatment Wellness Plans for you Depending on your Health Condition and Doctor’s Recommendations. You Could opt for Ayurveda, Naturopathy or Physiotherapy Therapies as per your Wellness preference also.

We Provide you with a Customized India Tour Package for Experiencing Incredible Indian Culture.

We not only make Sure that you reach Home Safely but also ensure Online Review with Doctors, Send Medicines at Your Home Town on Request and also provide you with Telemedicine Facility.

In Our Assistance Doctors who Treated You Ensure Complete Recovery and Preventive Care.

05. 24/7 Dedicated Customer Assistance

Our Manangers are there for You 24/7. Dedicated to your Requirements or Queries to Provide you with a Seamless Medical Tourism in India Experience, Waiting for your Phone / Text / Whatsapp / Email, We are always Ready to assist you.

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Our Patient’s Treatment and Recovery Stories

Encourage Us to Serve You Better

I got the name Med Treatment India referred from one of my friends in New York. My Father Heart Valve and Stent Surgery were deeply explained by Himanshu who is Head of the Medical Facilitator in India. He and his team our experience of Treatment in India a Life Changing one. Taking care of Doctor Consultations, Daily Travel our Medical Visa to India and Quality Accommodation all were beyond our expectation. Himanshu was there from our arrival in India till we eaded back to USA after my father’s surgery. We also took Wellness tour of Golden Triangle Delhi – Agra – Jaipur and it was great. I happily recommend Med Treatment India and Himanshu for availing us best treatment options in India. My father is back to normal now and we are really happy to see him healthy. Thankyou for everything Himanshu and Team.

Michelle Alexanders

New York, USA

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